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Sherry Griffith


All of us have a story of self. It begins in young childhood and grows based upon our core beliefs about

ourselves and the world, which we develop with input from society and caregivers. These stories are

necessary to create a structure for our lives. However, these stories contain beliefs which can severely restrict our growth and success in life. A core belief is one that is the basis of one’s reality and that forms their self-identify. Realizing that our story is a fiction, we can then decide which beliefs constrict us and which enable us to be what we want to be.

This book provides a detailed recipe in a logical and step by step approach for learning to release the

beliefs that have derailed the readers efforts to be successful and happy. It demonstrates the process of how to create life consciously, rather than life by default. It will enable the reader to develop the skills necessary to use the Law of Attraction to their benefit.


The first step is to identify one’s story as they tell it to themselves and others. Once the story is identified, one is free to step outside the story to find new solutions to the problems in their life. This book details how to shed the story and facilitate change using easy-to-understand techniques and explains why they work.

The reader will understand that changing subjective reality will change the larger reality in which we all

participate. Most of us are concerned about the state of the world in multiple domains: the environment, continual war, the rise of hate crimes and violence, and the restriction of women’s rights throughout the world. Change can and will occur. It starts with us generating the peace internally that we want to spread to the world. The key is in changing ourselves.

Grab your copy now!

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