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Sherry Griffith

Sherry Griffith began her quest to reconnect with higher consciousness as a young adult after having lost the connection which she had a young child. As an explorer of conscious, her journey led her through many personal lessons toward wholeness. She became a Licensed Practical Nurse and worked in all areas of hospital nursing for 24 years.


When she was thirty-eight, she went back to college for a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and followed it with a Master of Clinical Social Work Degree. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has practiced psychotherapy for the past 28 years. Sherry’s various experiences working in the traditional medical and mental health arenas provided her with a solid basis in the western approaches to mental illness and psychological distress.


She studied in the areas of self-help, spirituality and mysticism, eastern philosophy, quantum physics, shamanic healing, ancient

archeology, Ufology, and became proficient in therapeutic techniques, such as Emotional Facilitation/Tapping and Dialectal Behavioral Theory. She currently is writing, and publishing material based upon her own life experience and study.

Sherry also provides women’s retreats focused on balancing the male and female energies within and without, as well as teaching others to step outside the fiction of their own stories to learn the skills necessary for creating reality consciously. Her goal is to help others raise their vibrations, while continuing to raise her own. Her home is her sanctuary and her art.


Sherry lives in Tooele, Utah with her partner and their two dogs. She loves to immerse herself in the red desert of the American Southwest, read, meditate, explore consciousness, create art, write, and spend time with her children and grandchildren.


I have spent my life studying and applying knowledge to help others enjoy a better quality of life and to deal with trauma and its effects throughout the life span. I have developed the ability to communicate healing skills to others, have incorporated material from western and eastern cultures and philosophies, mysticism, and quantum physics. My approach to change involves combining them to enable the shedding of "Personal story" to allow for an evaluation of personal core beliefs.

I have a wide range of skills gained from being in "helping professions" which have enabled me to identify

concrete steps for internal and external change. As a woman of significant age, I have come to embody wisdom and can see events through the lens of experience and knowledge. I facilitate women's consciousness raising groups in my area three times yearly where skills, techniques, and knowledge are exchanged and taught. My goal is to raise the consciousness of women and men, leading them to embrace their authentic self and to make changes in themselves and the world.

How we think, what we believe about ourselves and the world, forms our personal realities. My approach to change is to explore core beliefs, determine their usefulness or detriment, and to replace those automatic and reflexive beliefs that impede progress.

I am motivated by my own search for answers to the large questions that confront all of us. "Who are we? Why are we in this reality? What else is there? Where do we go from here after death?" I also search for and have found scientific answers to questions which have enabled me to more fully understand the answers I get. I have a strong background in academia, and without the science I find my answers incomplete. I have found that spirituality and science are not mutually exclusive. Rather, they meet in the quantum space where traditional psychics cannot go. The answers are there. It is my passion to find and teach them.

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